Journal Overview

Understanding Journal Entries

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*For users with the Manager Development add-on Only*


Motivosity provides many ways to communicate with and about employees. Managers can treat their employee Journal like a personal notebook for tracking any and everything they wish. Journal entries are completely private, which means managers can write about their team without worrying who else will read it.

Journal Tab

To access the Journal tab, go ahead and do the following:

  1. In Motivosity, select "Manage"

  2. Select, 'Journal'

Viewing, Adding to, and Editing a Journal

Now that you have accessed the Journal tab, you can now see a list of Team Cards to select different direct reports from your team. Go ahead and select one of them to get started!

Viewing the Journal

  • Select a team member to view the Journal for that person. Entries in the Journal are displayed in reverse chronological order by the date they were first written

Adding to the Journal

  • Adding to the Journal is as simple as ... All you need to do is select the team member who you would like to write about then select "Start a new entry..."

From here, you can start writing any notes you would like to keep regarding your team member with the different formatting options. Some ideas to get you started might be a specific reminder, a recent conversation you just had, or a certain task that they may have completed!

Once you have added to a Journal you can now view the entry through the user's profile, or through their timeline.

Tips & Tricks: The 'Quick Action Button' is a great tool to use when you need to add a quick note to a Team Member's journal. Go ahead and click on the 'blue' plus button next to the users profile and select "Add a Journal Entry"

Editing the Journal

  • Sometimes spell check isn't enough... If you need to make an edit to a journal entry or go back and add in additional details, simply click on the text and start making your changes. You can also select the three dots in the right-hand corner of the journal entry and select the pencil icon to start editing. Editing a previous entry in your Journal doesn’t change the original entry date.

Note: If you need to delete a journal entry, you can also select the three dots in the right-hand corner and select the trash icon.

Making a Journal Entry Private

  • By default all journal entries are private. If you would like to make an entry available to your upstream manager, go ahead and select the padlock icon. When this icon is selected the entry becomes available to your upstream managers. Upstream managers can also share their Journal Entries about your team members with you using the same action.

Setting Reminders

  • Where would we be without reminders? Luckily, we can create reminders with journal entries! By selecting the clock icon, you'll get reminders on mentioned dates in the journal.

Note: Reminders will be sent out to your email the day before the mentioned date.

Adding a Journal Entry to a 1 on 1

  • When adding a journal entry you might want to add it to your next 1 on 1. By selecting the 1 on 1 icon you'll see the journal entry as a private note in your next 1 on 1.

Manager Views

  • If you are a manager who has other managers reporting to you, you can switch your view on the journal tab to see their downstream team members. You can also create Journals for those team members as well. To do this, you’ll want to do the following:

1. In Motivosity, select “Manage

2. Select “Journal

3. Next to “Team”, select your name

From here, a drop-down menu will appear and allow you to select which manager journals you would like to view.

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