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Creating an Achievement Based Award

How to create an achievement based award in Motivosity.

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What is an Achievement Based award?

Achievement based awards are a specific award type that an employee can earn by completing a prescribed activity. Some examples of an achievement based award could include:

  • Compliance, safety, and security trainings

  • Wellness challenges or activities

  • Refer a candidate for an open position

  • Book clubs, lunches, photo challenges, and other team events

How do I create an Achievement Award?

To create an achievement award you can do the following:

First, head to the "Awards" tab in your navigation bar at the top of your screen.

Next, scroll down on the page and select the "+ Add New Award" button.

You should then see a new modal appear on the page that will allow you to select the "Achievement Award" card. Once selected, click on "Next".

On the next screen, you can start setting up your award by adding the following:

  • Select an achievement icon. You can either select one of our own pre-made icons or upload your own.

  • Give the award a name.

  • Add a description for the award.

  • Set a frequency on how often the award can be achieved. You can select; No schedule, one-time, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi annually, or annually.

  • You can also add an external URL that will add a link to the award. URL entered must contain HTTP:// or HTTPS:// in the URL. You can then name that external URL for the text to display on the award.

Once you are finished, you can select "Next".

Next, you'll set up how the award should be reported. Here, you will:

  • Select how employees should mark the award as complete. You can choose from either "Provide a response" or "No need, we will track completion externally". A description for each of these options is included in the award modal.

  • Provide a label for the completion button on the award.

  • Include any instructions for employees when they are marking the award as complete.

Once this information is filled out, go ahead and select "Next".

On the next screen you will decide if there should be any Motivosity Bucks associated with the award. If you do decide to include Motivosity Bucks you will fill out the following information:

  • The dollar amount that will be given when the award is achieved. Please note, that if you are an admin setting up an award all funds will come from the Central Budget. If you are not an admin, all funds will come from your Giving Balance.

  • You can then set up the budget for the award and how often the budget is good for. You can select annually, quarterly, or monthly.

  • You will also have the option to include a gift with the award. If you select yes, you can choose from a list of local items you have added to your store.

Once you are finished, select "Next".

On the final screen you will set up the award controls and who should have access to the award. Here you can do the following:

  • You can limit the award to employees in a specific country, a group of employees from your user groups, or a department.

  • You can select when this award is given if it should be posted publicly to the home feed.

  • You can also select if you would like the award to be live or not. This is helpful if you want to keep the award inactive until it is ready to be given.

Once you are finished, you can go ahead and select "Save".

From here, you should see a "Success" screen letting you know your achievement award is now ready to be earned by your employees. Go ahead and select "Done".

Your award will now show up at the top of the awards screen under "Awards available to earn now".

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