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The Most Active List

Understanding the Most Active List on the Home Feed.

Updated over a week ago

Do you wake up in the morning singing, "All I do is win, win, win!"? Do you love being number one? Well, the Most Active list in Motivosity is just for you!

This article is intended to give a greater understanding of the Most Active list on the home page in Motivosity.

How are the Most Active rankings determined?

The Most Active rank comes from a mix of activities in Motivosity such as: Taking surveys, giving appreciations, receiving appreciations, getting awards, adding a highlight, taking the personality test, updating bio, logging in, submitting feedback, doing a 1 on 1, etc. The most weighted is giving and receiving appreciations though. As you participate more in the platform you can watch your rank increase over time. #NumberOneHereWeCome

How often does the Most Active list refresh?

The Most Active list will refresh once per day!

Can I filter the Most Active list?

Is Carl the Yeti real? We would be amiss if you weren't able to filter the Most Active list! There are a few options here:

Simply scroll to see the most active users within your company.

You can also filter by the current month or year.

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