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Save Default Filters

Have you got a specific filter view you want to easily apply to a report? Here's how you can make that filter the default view.

Updated over a week ago

Did you know you can see what your employees are experiencing this month, last month, the last 90 days, last 6 months, etc? You can also add your own default filters to a report for safekeeping.

First head to Insights - then select a report or dashboard you'd like to view and save. In this case we are going to use the 'Engagement' Dashboard.

You'll then see in the top right corner some filter options:

Use the funnel filter to filter the dashboard how you'd like to view it every time. Then select the 'Save filters as default' option at the bottom left of the filter box.

Voila! Now every time you head to that dashboard or report the filters you will see exactly what you want!

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