Featuring Items in Motivosity

A walkthrough on how to feature certain posts in the Motivosity Feed.

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*This feature is currently available to customers in our Spaces Beta testing program only.*

Featuring a post overview

With Motivosity Premium you will have the ability to Feature any item (appreciation, post, highlight, announcement, etc.) putting it to the top of the page where that post is found (either the main Home Feed, or within a Space).

Admins will have the ability to feature items on the Homepage and on a Space. If a member of a space has permission, they could also feature that item in a space.

How do I feature a post in Motivosity?

To Feature the item simply click the three dots and pick Feature:

From there you will be able to Feature Post Until... and then set the Day and Time (including the Time Zone) for when the item should no longer be featured.

If you want to STOP Featuring early, or to EDIT the date, simply click the three dots on that item, then Edit Feature Date:

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