Saying Thanks

When you log in to Motivosity, you will see a blue 'You can give' with a dollar amount in it. This is how much money you have to give to your peers.

The giving money is use-it-or-lose-it. It expires at the end of every month.

To say thanks to someone, click on the blue box, or, if you are on the home screen of the application, click on the text field in 'Who do you appreciate' and start typing someone's name.


If you do not see a name appear, it is possible that the person you are wanting to thank is not in the system and you need to go convince your boss to get more licenses!

When you start typing, you'll see additional fields appear.

After typing in your appreciation, you can link the appreciation to a company value that you feel was being expressed. This helps others not only recognize values easier but live by them as well!

Finally, you can decide on a dollar amount for your appreciation. When you thank someone with an amount, that amount gets put into the green 'You can spend' box.