Personal and Team Wins

On the main page of Motivosity next to Appreciations, there is a tab called 'My Wins'. Here you can type in a win or a highlight that had happened that day, week, or even month. Keep in mind you can add multiple, just make sure you click 'add more'.  You can also make these private so that they won't get shared onto the homepage feed. If you don't mark it private these will appear on the feed on the homepage. Once you click done it will be submitted to the person over you.

Team Wins

 As an administrator or manager with direct reports, you will have more insight into wins in the organization. In the 'Team Wins' tab, you can see the wins that users have submitted. There are two categories on this page:

  1. Those who submitted wins that are underneath you on the org chart.
  2. The wins that managers underneath you have promoted to you. From their own wins submissions.

On each of the wins submitted you have a couple options, you can comment on them, add thanks, and promote it up to those above you.

Commenting on Highlights:

First, keep in mind comments are private. So the only ones who will see comments are those who commented on it. Or those who posted the highlight. You are able to comment on a highlight by going to 'MY TEAM'. After you find the one you are looking for just click 'Comment'. Once you type your comment just click enter. Your comment will then be sent to them and the highlight will then changed from 'not read' to 'read'.

Adding thanks on Highlights:

If you would like to give someone a little reward for posting a highlight. Click on 'Add Thanks'. In the 'Say thanks here...' box you are able to type a comment. Keep in mind those who have access to the same highlight will be able to see your comment, but they will not be able to see the amount of money you gave with it. You are also able to click what company value you thought it reflected the most in the box 'Company Value'. Then you can put the cash bonus they get for posting that highlight. You also have two options from where the money you are giving them is coming from. Either your giving money that you get each month to give and say thanks to people. Or the spending money that you have received from people, surveys, saying thanks to people, etc.

Promoting Highlights:

If you would like your manager or the person above you to see a certain highlight. In the right corner of the highlight there is a green arrow with 'promote' next to it. If you click it, then it will be sent to the person/manager above you. If they keep getting promoted, this gives each highlight a chance to be seen by the head of the company.

If you want to re-read the ones you have already read. Click on the little arrow above the highlights right next too 'Showing results for status:" then click on 'All'. This also gives you the option to see all of the highlights from a certain date.

You can find a report of all the wins by going to the Insight tab at the top of Motivosity. On the left side there will be a column labeled 'Wins'. Click on that report. This will have every win ever. Along with information on whether or not it has been read, if there are any comments on it, and if anyone has thanked them for sharing their win. 

Turning off 'Wins'

To turn off  the 'Wins' feature is very easy. Just click on 'Setup' at the top of your Motivosity home page. Now click on number 10 - Integrations. Scroll to the bottom of that page and uncheck the box labeled 'Wins'. Make sure you save your setups page. The feature will now be turned off.