Understanding Cash

This post will cover topics related to cash and reporting on cash in Motivosity.

Two types of cash

There are two 'buckets' for cash in Motivosity; giving cash and spending cash. The cash giving amount comes from the money the company allocates to each of the employees at the beginning of the month. The cash giving amount appears in the 'You can give' box. The cash receiving, or spending cash appears in the 'You can spend' box.

What numbers really matter?

All of the money in Motivosity does not really exist until someone spends one of their rewards on something. While analysis of cash giving is helpful to understand trends in engagement, analysis of cash spending is more relevant to the business.

Common Questions

How much did our employees spend last month?

To get a quick overview of of this amount, click on the 'Cash Overview' dashboard in the Insight area (here). You will see a panel called 'Cash Received Overview' and a number in there for 'Redeemed'. This is the total amount your employees spent during the specified period. To change the time frame or other filters, click on the little down arrow above the dashboard where it says, 'Showing content for...' and make your selection.

Click on the number and you'll be taken to a report where you can see the details behind that number.

How do I know what tax liability there is?

Since the money doesn't really exist until someone spends it, tax issues only occur when the money has been spent by an employee for the employee's benefit. To get an overview of the different areas where taxation might occur, click on the 'Tax Summary Report' (here). Different companies deal with taxation in different ways. This report just breaks down those categories.

How much unspent money do we have in the system?

Click on the Cash Overview dashboard (here). In the 'Cash Received Overview' panel you'll see a number for 'Current Carried Balance'. This number is always the total unspent money in the system regardless of the date range set in the scope control.

How much cash is being given by employees?

Click on the Cash Overview dashboard (here). In the 'Cash Giving Overview' panel you'll see a number for 'Given'. This number is how much employees gave out during the specified period of time. You can also see a small percentage number in the upper right-hand corner of that panel. This is the percentage of the total cash allocated that was given during the specified time period. Also notice on this dashboard a graphic that breaks down giving by peers and managers. This is a little more detail on the 'Given' number. The 'Peer to Peer' and 'From Managers' add up to the 'Given' number. If you click on the 'Given' number, you'll be taken to a summary report by person that shows how much was allocated, how much was given, and how much was expired.

How much cash did employees get from awards and badges?

Another source of recognition cash is the amount that is associated with various awards. To get the total cash associated with awards, you can click on the Cash Overview dashboard (here) and look at the amount associated with 'Awards' inside the 'Cash Received by Type' panel. To get more detail on this figure, click on the 'Award Summary' report (here) or the 'Award Details' report (here).

A note about appreciation dates

Sometimes the excel junkie will grab a data dump of everything in Motivosity and do their own grouping/totaling by month for appreciation amounts. Sometimes this data doesn't match the data in Motivosity. What's going on?

You'll need to keep in mind that appreciation money comes from a cash allocation per employee and that cash allocation is tied to a month (e.g. here's your $5 for November). When reporting on appreciations within Motivosity, you're typically asking the question, "what did we do with that $5/employee in November?".

The complexity comes about because November doesn't begin and end at the same time for everybody on the planet. In Motivosity, the November cash allocation is actually going to expire around 8am GMT on the first day of the month. The result here is that an appreciation created with a November cash allocation can have an appreciation date stored in the database as late as December, 1 @ 8am.

The reporting within Motivosity takes this into consideration, but the raw data dump does not.