Auto-Funding your Digital Rewards Account

When deciding on how you want to manage funds for your digital rewards, there are a few variables to work with:

  • Threshold Amount - This is what you would want as a minimum balance
  • Auto-Deposit Amount - When the threshold is reached, how much more would you want to have on hand?
  • Low balance warning - If the balance gets below this point, send an e-mail to the Motivosity point of contact for your company

Motivosity has an auto-fund service that runs nightly. It will check your current account balance and update funds accordingly if necessary.

Motivosity will also try to make account balance corrections during an order if needed. If an order is declined due to insufficient funds, motivosity will look at the 'auto-deposit' and 'threshold' values you have set in your store setup. If they exist, an attempt will be made to fund the account so that after the order is placed, the current balance will be the threshold plus the auto-deposit amount. If that funding attempt is declined, the order will fail and the admin will be notified of the failed order. If it succeeds, then great!

When auto-fund is set up and someone places an order that requires more funds, the auto-fund kicks in and makes sure that after the transaction your account will still have a balance.

The calculation to know what you would be charged is:
new charge = orderAmount - current balance + auto-deposit amount + threshold

As an example:
Current balance: $200
Threshold value: $100
Auto-deposit amount: $300
Attempted E-gift order amount: $500.
In this scenario, a $500 order is more than the current balance of $200, so, motivosity will attempt to auto-fund the account with $700 so that the final balance is equal to the Threshold plus the Auto-deposit amount.