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How to Review an Achievement Submission


Are you an admin and wanting to know how to review an Achievement Submission? Look no further! Please follow the steps below!

Table of Contents:

  1. How to find 'Achievement Approvals'.
  2. Awarding a User.
  3. Declining an Achievement.

Achievement Approvals

  1. Please start by heading to your Motivosity homepage and clicking the 'Awards' tab near the top.

  2. Once you're at the 'Awards' page please click 'Review Nominations & Achievements' near the title 'Awards I manage'.

  3. From here, you'll see two tabs called 'Nominations' and 'Achievement Approvals'. Click 'Achievement Approvals' and you'll be able to see the achievements users completed!

  4. Now you know where to find 'Achievement Approvals' and how to award the users who're completing achievements!

Award All  - Reviewed everyone's completed achievement? Award the users listed!

Award Now - Award a user individually!

Decline - Looks like they haven't met the completed activity criteria. Try again next time!

Awarding a User

  1. To award a user please follow the steps above this section to 'Achievement Approvals'. Once finished, you'll see this page and you're going to click 'Award Now'.

  2. A pop-up modal will appear and ask to add a message for Andy's achievement. You'll also be able to choose how much the user receives within the 'Award Amount'.

  3. Once you've finished filling out the information you can go ahead and click 'Give Award'!

Declining an Achievement

  1. Head to the 'Achievement Approvals' tab and select the user you'd like to decline.

  2. A modal will pop up and ask to input information as to why the user was declined.

  3. Once you've given the reason for the decline go ahead and click 'Decline'

Still have questions? No worries! Please reach out to our amazing Support Team by clicking here.

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