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How to Create an Achievement Based Award

Creating an Achievement Award

Achievement awards are a simple way to motivate your employees to take action on key company initiatives. To create an achievement award you. must be logged in as an administrator. Navigate to the awards tab at the top or you can go to the admin setup/awards tab.  When you click add new award you will see the option to select the achievement-based award.

Setting up award details:

You can select from a gallery of Motivosity award icons or upload your own. Start this process by clicking on the 'Upload icon at the top. You will then give the name of the award that will be visible to your employees. Provide a brief description of what this award is and finally the frequency that it Is given out. You can also configure an external URL. This external URL will show as a link on the 'awards I can earn tab'. These links can go to external websites like your LMS platform, wellness platform, Sharepoint or any other place where an employee needs to take action to earn the award. URL entered must contain HTTP:// or HTTPS:// in the ULR. Finally, you can name that external URL like "Access LMS"

Achievement Reporting:

How should your employees mark achievement complete? We give you a couple options first they can provide a response in the platform. Second, as an administrator if your are tracking the completion of this activity outside of the platform you can bulk upload the award to all those who completed it. You can also manually give these awards out as well. This gives you maximum opertunity to streamline the work flow for completing an achievement. 

In addition to reporting an achievement as complete you have the option to provide instructions that will display when an employee markes the achievement complete. You can ask them to attach screen shots or documents on submission. All submissions will be available as an administrator for review and approval. 


If you attach money to the award, the dollars will need to be set up with the central budget. the field will appear that will allow you to control how much will be awarded. You can set up a budget amount and a frequency for that budget. You will also have the opportunity to attach a gift to the award. 

Limiting an Award to a Country or Department

These limits will control how this award appears in the nomination list and on the Awards page. Choosing a country will have this award displayed only to people in the selected country. Choosing a department will have this award displayed only to people in the selected department. Choosing 'Inactive' will have this award not appear in any lists.

Like that your newly created award is now available to be earned

New achievement awards will show up at the top of the awards screen under Awards available to earn now. 

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