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Motivosity SFTP Setup Guide


If you have come here to setup access to transfer a flat file from your HRIS to Motivosity through our SFTP integration, you've come to the right place! This article will help walk you through how to get your access setup to Motivosity's SFTP server. Let's jump in!

Before You Start

Once you have an integration in place, your HR platform will become the SOURCE OF TRUTH for employee data you are feeding into Motivosity. Any changes made in Motivosity will be overwritten by this Integration. Issues with data accuracy will need to be addressed in your HR platform.

Getting Started

To get started setting up your SFTP integration, go ahead and follow the steps below:

  1. First, we'll want to head over to the "Setup" page in Motivosity
  2. Next, we'll select "Integrations"
  3. From there, we'll go ahead and select the "SFTP Setup" tab.
  4. Next, go ahead and select the "+ New SFTP access" button.
  5. A modal will then open on the screen for you to file out. There are 2 sections that need to be completed before moving to the next step. First, you'll give the integration a name. We went with SFTP Connection, but this can be anything that helps depict what the integration is. The final step is giving your integration a password in the App Secret section. Once you are finished, go ahead and select "Save
  6. You will then see the integration show up on the "SFTP Setup" page. Go ahead and select "View Details" on the right side of the page.
  7. You have now successfully created your access to our SFTP server! In the modal on your screen, you will see am APP ID, a SHORT ID, and your APP SECRET. The APP ID will be your username when connecting to the server and the APP SECRET will be your password.
    Please Note: You will also need the Host and Port when accessing the SFTP server. To obtain this information, please reach out to Motivosity Support Team here and they can provide you with further details. 

File Specifications

Once you are finished with the setup, you will want to make sure that your file you send over matches our import template. To know how to download an example of this template in Motivosity, please click here

Please Note: After you have completed the steps above, you can deposit either a .CSV or a .XLS file into the main root-level directory when you login (no need to create extra folders or navigate through a path). If you are sending a full employee file, the file must be called Full.csv, full.csv, full.xls, or Full.xls. If you are uploading a partial list, you should use ‘Partial’ for the file name.

From here, you can then reach out to your HRIS rep to see if a flat file integration via SFTP integration is supported. If they can support this integration, you can pass this information along with the file and they can help automate a file transfer to our server to help synchronize your employees into Motivosity!

If you are having any trouble setting this integration up or have any questions about an SFTP integration, please feel free to reach out to our amazing support team by submitting a ticket here.

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