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You can create a work anniversary award that is given every year on the employee's hire date anniversary and you can also create other anniversary awards whatever year anniversary year want. For example, if you want to give a $50 dollar award on an employee's 5 year anniversary that replaces the annual bonus, then you can do that here in the Milestones section of setup.

Click the purple '+' icon to create a new anniversary bonus. The screenshot below shows the page you will be met with to create a new anniversary bonus.

To create an award for a specific year, click 'No' next to 'Will this award be given annually?' and then type in which year anniversary you want this award to be given on. You then have the option to replace the annual award or supplement it. Replacing the annual award means that if you have an annual award set up, then it will not be given and the employee's will get this award instead on this specific year anniversary. Supplementing the award means that the employee's will get the annual bonus ($25) plus this specific year bonus ($50). 


Set up birthday awards in the Milestones section of Setup. When you set up a birthday award, then the employee's will automatically get the bonus amount put in their spending balance when their birthday post is posted to the feed. You can set up birthday awards so that employee's either receive cash or a local reward item. The screenshot below shows that every user is going to get $15 in their spend balance on their birthday.

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