E-Gifts Rewards

The E-Gifts are electronic gift cards. When these are purchased, the user receives a code right after clicking 'Buy Now'. Along with that if you forget the code you can go to 'My History' and click on the tab 'Orders'. There a list of your orders will appear along with their information. For eGifts, the company doesn't have to do anything to fulfill these rewards.

Pick the cards you want to make available by going to 'Setup' -> 'Store' -> 'Manage E-Gift Cards'. Simply click on the cards you want to make available and a blue border with highlight the ones that are in your store.

Once you pick the ones you think your employees would like to redeem their cash for. They will then start to appear in the store.

When you set up your organization, each employee can have a country code. When an employee has a country code, they see only items in the store that match that country or are global. The E-Gift Cards are in categories based on country.

Company Branded Goods

You have two options when setting up your branded goods, VOX or Namify. Configuring both methods is very similar, but VOX also requires a password. See the screenshot below. Just put in your information and it should link up like magic!

You can also set this up in the Integrations section of Setup. It is configured the same as if you were to set up the connection on the Store page.

Local rewards and for a Cause

Local Rewards

Local Rewards are self-managed gifts. They could be tickets to local entertainment or unique items that exist only in your company. All 'Local' items are self-managed in that when someone orders one or receives one, they are directed to someone in the company who is responsible for fulfillment. This means that if you add a local restaurant or store in as a local gift, then someone on your team will physically have to go get those gift cards either before you make them available or after one is purchased. 

Where do the funds go? Since the money is going back to the company from the employee after purchase, no funds are being used inside the system. For example, if Alex gave Jimi $5 and Jimi then gave that $5 to Sarah, and then Sarah gave that $5 back to Alex to pay for a shirt. Alex never really lost that $5 and essentially just replaced it with a shirt. This is why no money is pulled from the company funds in Motivosity.

If you don't have an account with Namify or VOX, but you still have company swag you would like in the store, creating a local item is the way you want to go. You can get creative here! We've seen people put in all kinds of things from lunch with the CEO to snacks, shirts, or balloons. This can help drive a very local feel in the app.

To create a local store item scroll towards the bottom of the 'setup store' page. Once you reach 'Creating Local Items' Click on the blue box in the bottom right corner labeled 'CREATE A LOCAL REWARD'. A blue box will appear like the one shown below.

Charitable Giving!

Similar setup process to adding a local reward, see above. Once set up, they appear in the store in their own section. To create a 'Cause' item just click the Create a Cause button in the Store page of Setup.

Motivosity will play as an inventory manager of the funds that have been donated, but does not donate the funds directly to the charity or organization.