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1 on 1's Setup

*Available to customers with the Manager Development add on only*

1 on 1's are the heart of Motivosity's Manager Development add on. The goal of the Manager Development add on is to help foster positive and effective communication between managers and those who report directly to them (we refer to them as their "Direct Reports"). Other features (like Priorities and Coaching) will feed directly into the 1 on 1s to help foster productive conversations. 

The 1 on 1 tool allows each manager the ability to schedule regularly occurring meetings with each person on their team. This page will focus on the 1 on 1's page of Setup. To learn more about how managers will use the 1 on 1 features, click here.

One great way to incentivize managers and employees to hold 1 on 1s is to offer a Sweetener. Managers and employees can earn a Sweetener by holding 1 on 1s. In the event that managers aren't holding a regular 1 on 1, employees can earn a sweetener by requesting a 1 on 1 from their manager. Click here to learn more about how Sweeteners work and how to set them up.

Status Button

When the feedback status is "off," all user interface elements of 1 on 1's other than this setup are hidden. No reminders and notifications about preparing or conducting 1 on 1's are active. When you toggle the status to "on" managers will then see "1 on 1" appear in the section of their Manager tab.

Complete Inactive 1 on 1's

Managers will be able to customize when they want to hold 1 on 1's with each of their team members. (Click here to learn more about that). Both the manager and the person they will be meeting with will be able to see and edit (add agenda items and notes) to the next 1 on 1 that is scheduled. 

1 on 1's need to be started and completed by the manager. If for various reason, a 1 on 1 was never started OR if it was started and never completed, you can decide if/when those 1 on 1's are closed so that the next 1 on 1 is visible. You can set these to never auto-complete, or automatically close after 24 hours or 72 hours from the scheduled 1 on 1.

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