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Adding Another Admin into the System Before Launch

Need to add other users to the system to help with the Launch!?

First, head to 'Setup' - 'Team' - then select the 'Add User' button on the top right of the Org Chart. 

A pop up is going to display for you to then enter in their information needed for them to access the system. The required fields to give them Admin access are: First Name, Last Name, Title, Email - 'Next' page - Payroll ID and 'Admin' Access. We also recommend filling in the Title, Department - 'Next' page - Hire date, Birthday. This helps lessen the spaces need to be filled out later on.

Once saved, they will NOT receive an email but will be able to access their account by heading to Entering their email into the username field and selecting the red 'I Need my Password' button. An email will be sent to them to set their password and they can then use that to log in. This will let them help you set up the account. 

Remember! F is for friends who do stuff together!! HAVE FUN! 

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