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Adding and/or Creating an Admin in Motivosity

Who can add or edit admin access within Motivosity?

To add another admin to Motivosity, you will need to be an account admin.  If you do not have this access, contact your account admin to make the following changes.

How to add an admin in Motivosity

Go to 'Setup' and 'Team'on the left. Then, select the 'Add User' button at the top of the Org Chart. 

Within the pop-up, enter the employee's information. The required fields to give Admin access are: First Name, Last Name, Title, Email.  Required information must be updated, we also suggest adding the other information as well. When complete click 'Next'.  

On the next page, you will enter the Payroll ID, who they report to (leave blank for none), and check the 'Admin' Access box. We also recommend filling in the Birthday.

If your account is live, the added user will receive an email welcoming them into the platform and guiding them on how to sign in. If the account is not live, they will NOT receive an email but will be able to access their account by going to or through SSO (if it has been enabled). By going to this will redirect the user to sign in to SSO if it has been configured.

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