A 1 on 1 is a meeting between a manager and one of that manager’s direct reports. Motivosity's 1 on 1's will include the ability to conduct, prepare for, and schedule 1 on 1s. This used to be called ‘My Team’. It will now be called ‘Manage’. Users in a company that has this 'Lead' license and who has direct reports will see this menu option. 

Preparing a 1 on 1


You can prepare for an upcoming 1 on 1 with any direct report who has a schedule set up. 

The dropdown will contain team members who have a schedule.



The preparation window contains three panels: previous 1 on 1, Agenda, and Notes, and if there were any notes, they will be previewed under the item. Public and private rules for notes apply. To copy a previous item to the current agenda, just click the arrow icon. Action items cannot be copied over because they’re already included by default.                                   


The agenda contains all of the repeating items, any action items from the previous meeting, and any items that have been recently added either by the manager or by the individual. Only a manager can reorder the agenda items. The direct report participating in the 1 on 1 can only add items. Only a manager can set the icons for an item. 

NOTE: 1 on 1 agenda items do not belong to a specific meeting, they belong to the ‘next’ meeting. So if a manager and direct report skipped a 1 on 1 and never had it, all the agenda items would still appear in the preparation area for the next meeting. Same with the priority list. Priorities are an ongoing list that is managed by the manager and can be ordered and completed. When it is completed, it disappears from future lists.