A 1 on 1 is a meeting between a manager and one of that manager’s direct reports. Motivosity's 1 on 1's will include the ability to conduct, prepare for, and schedule 1 on 1s. This used to be called ‘My Team’. It will now be called ‘Manage’. Users in a company that has this 'Lead' license and who has direct reports will see this menu option. 

Scheduling 1 on 1's

When a manager first clicks on the 1 on 1s tab, it will appear as above. The members of that manager’s team will appear in the ‘Team members needing a 1 on 1 schedule’ area. Each of your team members should have a 1 on 1 schedule set up in Motivosity. Click the 'Schedule' button to set up the schedule. Individual meeting times can be moved into the preparation area if necessary.

When a manager clicks on the 'Schedule' button, they are able to choose the frequency scope of the repetition. The options are Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

The Daily option allows the schedule to be set one or more times per week. This example below shows that someone would have a 1 on 1 on Mondays and Thursdays at 10 am. The Weekly option allows the schedule to happen on a specific day. The Monthly option allows the schedule to happen on specific times of the month:

The calendar view contains everybody’s scheduled 1 on 1s. If the box has a dark blue header, it contains at least one meeting that is the NEXT available 1 on 1 for that team member. When a person’s 1 on 1 is scheduled, they will then be able to connect the calendar to your work calendar. Click the 'Connect your work calendar' option below the scheduling section. You can then 'Create Unique URL' that will populate a URL for you to copy. 

You'll then use that URL and paste it in your appropriate calendar subscription. 

If you use: 

GMAIL: Select the + icon to 'Add' another calendar, then select the 'From URL' option. Paste the URL in the open text and 'Add to your Calendar'. 

iCloud: In your iCloud Calendar, head to 'File' and select 'New Calendar Subscription'. A pop up will display that you can paste your URL into to add it to your calendar. 

OUTLOOK: We've linked an article from Microsoft that will show you how to link the URL to your Calendar

NOTE: All upcoming meetings can be edited. Also, when the days are not consecutive, you'll notice 3 vertical dots in between each schedule. 


When a meeting gets a repetitive schedule attached, a single 1 on 1 meeting instance record is immediately created. This is the record that will have all upcoming agenda items and notes attached to it. 

Changing Meeting Times

Clicking the pencil icon next to the meeting time in the calendar section will allow the manager to either edit the entire repeating schedule or change a single meeting time. When the manager chooses to change the specific meeting time, a meeting edit dialog appears. 

Email Notifications

When a meeting is created, both participants will receive an email notifying them of the scheduled 1 on 1s.

If the meeting date changes, an email will go to both participants. The email will be sent with the new time and the existing agenda items. If there are no agenda items, the text will say, ‘No agenda items have been added to this upcoming meeting.