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Microsoft Teams Integration


Have questions or are you wondering how to integrate Motivosity with MS Teams? We're here to help! The MS Teams integration creates a way for your employees to see all the appreciations and highlights that are shared in Motivosity within a Teams channel. They can also give appreciations and share highlights from Teams into Motivosity as well.


Please Note: You will need your MS Teams administrator to help configure things on the Microsoft side.  This is probably someone on your IT team, but they will be needed to complete this setup. 

  • First, in Microsoft, head to your app store to find and install the Motivosity app. Then select  'Add to a Team'. If you are unable to find the 'Motivosity' connector you will need to allow 3rd party apps in your Teams Admin Center and change your app permission rule.

  • Next, you'll select the channel you want it to sync to: 

  • Once you've selected 'Set up', another pop-up will emerge to configure the Motivosity app (see below).
    • DISCLAIMER: You will be required to sign in as a Motivosity Admin to see this screen. Once signed in click 'OK' then 'Save'. 

  • From here, that's everything! You are done with the set up. To see what's next or what you should expect with the integration, please see below.

What Should I Expect Now?

Now, you should be able to see the feed populating on this channel with all posts created by a user i.e Appreciations, Highlights, Announcements, Awards, etc.

A bot will tell you in the channel that the connector has been set up.


  • Posts on the channel with look like this: 

  • You can post an appreciation or highlight right inside of the MS Teams channel. Simply put '@Motivosity' and select enter. Then select whether you'd like to 'Say Thanks' or post a 'Highlight'.

  • If you'd like to comment, like, etc. use the 'View in Motivosity' icon in the channel located at the bottom of every post. 

Webhook Steps:

This is a secondary option to integrating Motivosity with Teams. Please only use this option if the above steps are not working.

If you'd like to create a webhook, follow these steps: 

  • First, on the Teams app, click 'Apps' - 'Connectors' - then use the 'Incoming Webhook' app. 

Please note: if you are unable to find the 'Incoming Webhook' app you will need to allow 3rd party apps in your Teams Admin Center and change your app permission rule.

  • Next, select 'Add to a Team' and select the Channel you want to use the incoming webhook for. Then select 'Set up a connector'. 

  • Next, you must specify a name for this connector and you will have the option to upload an image avatar for your webhook and then click 'Create'. 

  • A webhook URL will then populate for you to copy. 

  • You can then use that webhook to paste into the Motivosity platform. You'll want to head over to Motivosity and access Integrations by going to 'Setup' > 'Integrations' and select the 'Microsoft Teams' application. Paste the webhook and click 'Connect to Teams'.

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