Navigating to Peer Feedback

If you'd like to get peer feedback for one of your employees go to the tab.  On the right side of the screen you will then see previous feedback provided and pending feedback from other people.  

Requesting Peer Feedback

If you select the "Request Peer Feedback" on the bottom you can then request feedback from anyone in the company.  You type the name of the person you'd like feedback from, and you can also customize a note to that person about the feedback you'd like to receive... this may be a special project they recently worked on together.

NOTE: This request will expire after 2 weeks and you will receive an email notifying you.

When someone in the organization completes peer feedback it is only sent to the manager of that employee.  That feedback will be listed in the "previous feedback" section.  You can select details to see the feedback that was provided by the peer.

Step 1 -

Step 2 -

The manager would then take this feedback into consideration when they provide a subsequent feedback session.


Let's look at this from the employees perspective, in this case we will look at Andy.  The only information Andy will receive in Feedback is anything his manager, Leslie provides him.  When peer feedback is completed those feedback sessions are only sent to Leslie.

Those "upstream" from Leslie would be able to see peer feedback and regular feedback that Leslie has provided.  Andy reports to Leslie, Leslie reports to Ron, and Ron reports to Paul.  That means Paul, Ron, and Leslie will be able to see peer feedback given about Andy.