Accessing Feedback Setup

On the top of the home page select "Setup" - "Feedback"

Status Button

When the feedback status is "off," no Feedback reminders are sent, no monthly data is collected, and nothing will be visible to employees.  When you toggle the status to "on" managers will then see "My Team" appear on their banner.


You can select the frequency in which managers will be notified to provide feedback to their direct reports. You can do Monthly, Quarterly, and Semi-annually and will set the meetings and notifications to that specific frequency. 


The two key areas we suggest you base your feedback conversations around include "Job Results" and "Values Fit."  You can customize the names of these labels, but are limited to 25 characters.


Ratings are option or required based on how your configuration.  You also can select if you want a 3 or 5 point scale.  The labels for these scales can be customized as well.

If you switch from a 5 point scale to a 3 point scale, the ratings will be adjusted as follows.

If switching from a 3 point scale to a 5 point scale, the ratings will be adjusted as follows.