Everyone's initial thought when deciding how to find the best and easiest way to do anything is "What are my choices?" It's like knowing you're hungry but having no idea what you want to eat! It can be a big conundrum BUT WE HEAR YOU! And we want to assist you with this decision! Listed below are 3 options to upload the team file into Motivosity. 

  1. Spreadsheet upload
  2. SFTP
  3. Using Bamboo HR
  4. Open API

Spreadsheet Upload

We provide you with a template you can use to import your information. Most HRIS systems let you download a spreadsheet with this information. We suggest then formatting that spreadsheet to look like the downloadable template in Motivosity. See this article for further assistance. 

Full vs Partial Upload


We support SFTP file uploads for customers who wish to submit them that way. For security reasons, we cannot publish this information on our help site. Please reach out to support@motivosity.com to get more details!

Using Bamboo HR

We love our partnership with Bamboo HR. In order for the integration to work, you will first need to do a spreadsheet upload with all your employees (See above for information). Then using the integration will keep the system updated with any changes made in Bamboo HR. See this article for further assistance.  

Bamboo HR Integration

Open API

If you are looking to customize any integration with our platform, we do have an open API! Yay! Check out the link below to help with any creative thought you have!

Motivosity API