Did someone get a promotion? Or decided that their passion is to move to another department to fulfill their career dream?

Either way, moving a user to a new supervisor is very simple. To move the user, search their name and it will take you to their profile page. It should look like this: 

You as an admin will have the ability to edit any profile, when selecting 'edit profile' -> 'next' you'll end up on this page: 

The 'Move to new supervisor' option when checked will give you an option to enter the new supervisor that you'd like to move the user to. You also have the option to select whether or not you'd like to move their direct reports too or leave them be. Make sure the icon below shows that you have selected a person: 

Once selecting the appropriate manager, hit the 'save' button and your user will be moved. To double-check, head to your org chart to see that they have moved to the right location:

Whether someone is receiving a promotion or following their dreams in a different role! Creating an announcement and giving them a huge shoutout would also be an awesome way to celebrate with them!!