Send Custom Surveys When You Want And How You Want!

The icon on the top bar to the left of the microphone is where you click to create a new custom survey.

You will then be met with this screen to start filling out your survey name, description, and other details. You will decide the start and end date of the survey and whether you want to limit who the survey goes to. 

Please note: Pulse Surveys are limited to a max of 30 questions.

4 Different Question Types:

Single Option-- You type the question name at top and then the options below. Users can choose one option from a list. You are limited to 8 options.

Multiple Options-- You can choose multiple options from a check box list of options. Limited to 8 options.

Scale-- You determine your own left label and right label, typically a low to high type of scale. Users will then select their answer from 1-10. The 1-10 is fixed and can not be changed.

Free Response-- You will type in your free-response question and then users will be able to respond freely with the limit of 2000 characters.

Once you finish your questions, click 'Save' and the survey will then pop up the next time users log in or in the Action Items sidebar within the time period of the survey.

More options...

When selecting the more options button on the survey, this will give you a couple more options to edit. 

Should participants get Motivosity Bucks? - You can incentivize your pulse survey with some MV Bucks.

Should responses be kept anonymous? -  YES! You can now make this survey CONFIDENTIAL! Just select yes or no!

Active - Pulse survey will pop-up when a user logs in similar to the NPS survey

Passive - Pulse survey will appear in your action tab, see below: 

Editing a Survey

Editing the survey you created before it is sent out is as easy as ever!! Head to 'Insights' - 'Surveys' - 'Surveys'. Hover over the survey you'd like to edit and you should see the pencil icon on the right-hand side. Once clicked the survey will pop up and look exactly how it did when you created it. You'll be able to edit and save .

Reviewing Pulse Surveys

Want to take a look at what the results from the team are? 

Head to 'Insights' > 'Surveys' > 'Survey Overview'

We can now see the most recent surveys that we have sent out: 

When you select one, you will see all the responses and results from that survey: 

You can filter in the top right corner, look to see what the top responses are, and each question with their responses based on department and or open text questions. 

Reviewing Surveys by Department