Sorry about the length, but this is a very important topic to be familiar with as most of your admin time in the platform will probably have to do with something in this video. If you have any questions about certain parts of what was talked about in this video, you can check to see if we have any smaller articles out that cover specifics in-depth, or you can reach out to our support team. :)

Some extra things to keep in mind that are not specifically covered in the video but relate to the org chart:

  • Birthday is not required in the upload but can be added by the user when they first log in. If you later push through a new file with a blank birthday, it will not overwrite the user input.
  • Supervisor email powers so many crucial functions of MV that help create engaged workplaces - make sure you utilize it accurately!
  • Country code will effect which gift cards will display in the store section for that user. 
  • Do NOT edit the headers - this will break the upload.
  • Currently, the file must be uploaded in Excel's .xlsx format