There are several different access types in Motivosity; user, manager, leader, finance, and admin. Three of these types can be assigned. These are the user, finance, and admin status. 

Assigning these access rights to a user can be done by going to the Insight tab. Under the column 'Reports' click on 'User Management (as shown in the image below).

When you are hovering your cursor over a specific user, you will see a pencil icon and a trashcan icon appear over on the far right-hand side.

Once you click on the pencil icon, then you will see the options shown below to change a users access rights.

Manager and Leader access are inherited based on where you are on the org chart. To be a Manager, you must have direct reports in the org chart. To be a Leader, you must have direct reports and you must be in the top two levels of the org chart. Typically, the top two levels of the org chart consist of the CEO and the Executive Team.

Admin: Admin has full system rights. Access to all Insight's dashboards and report, Setup tab, and Admin Tools.

Finance: Finance has access to all dashboards and reports plus what users have. Finance also has access to the 'Funding' page of setup.

User: User has basic access.

Note: The 'Assigned' roles are mutually exclusive. A user cannot be a 'Finance' and an 'Admin' at the same time. However, a user can inherit as many roles as are applicable. For example, a user could be a 'Finance' and a 'Leader' at the same time.

You can also access the user levels by visiting any user's profile, and clicking the big red 'Edit Profile' button.