Peer to Peer giving is the place where you can control how much money each user has to give each month.

Monthly peer-to-peer bonus amount

This is the amount that every user will get on the first of every month. The screenshot shows that each user will get $5 each month to give away through appreciations.

Additional bonus amount per direct report

If you would like to give managers additional giving on top of the monthly bonus amount you can do this here. It will be off of a direct report basis, meaning if you type $1 in this box, then each manager will get an additional $1 for every user that reports to them based off the org chart. For example, April has 3 people that report to her in the org chart, so she would get an additional buck for each of these 3 people on top of her $5 monthly giving bonus. With April's additional bonuses per direct report she will get $8 bucks each month ($5 monthly, $3 for direct reports).

The Sweetener

If you want to give your users a reward for using all of their giving money, The Sweetener is where to go. If a user gives away all of their monthly giving bucks, then right after they give their last buck they will have the Sweetener bonus put in their spending balance. As long as the full monthly allocation is given out in the calendar month, the sweetener will be given. (i.e. If you had $5 the following would get you the sweetener: $1 + $4.  $1 x 5.  $2 + $3.  etc.)