Ok, so I have added a funding source, but how much should I add to start off?

For starters, we recommend adding enough funds to your E-Gift Rewards Balance to cover a month or two of spending. You can estimate what your monthly spend will be by using the 'Estimated Annual Budget' found in the 'Peer to Peer' section of Setup. You can take your total and divide it by 12 to get your estimated monthly budget. This would give you the max amount that could be spent through the store in the first month of being live. Remember, that users can redeem whenever they want to, so it is unlikely that every user will redeem all of their bucks they received in the first month.

For veterans, those that have been using Motivosity for multiple months or years, we recommend using the Average Spend per Month balance found in your Funding page. You can use your average spend per month to gage how much you should fund per month, quarter or year.