Credit Card vs. Bank Account

You will need to add a funding source into the Funding page of Setup in order to fund your E-Gift Rewards Balance. You have two options for funding as explained below.

Adding A Bank Account

When you first add a bank account you will be sent two micro-deposits to your account. You will use these two micro-deposits to verify your account. See below. Once your bank account is verified you can begin adding funds to your E-Gift Rewards Balance by using the money sign icon. Your first deposit through your bank account will be limited to $500. Once that clears(about 5-6 business days), the next deposit is limited to $2,500, and then after that the max deposit becomes $50,000. The transaction processing time for ACH transfers is 5-6 business days. Timing: The first two transactions ‘warm up’ the account. After the first two transactions (which take about 5 business days), each transaction will fund your account within two hours.

Adding A Credit Card 

Adding a credit card might be a little easier, but in the long run, also more costly because those big shot card companies want a cut of your money too. There is a 3.5% surcharge fee for all credit card transactions. If you choose to use a credit card, you'll be met with the typical fields for card payments. If you wish to manually add a deposit at any time, click the money sign icon by the card and enter the amount. Your first deposit is limited to $250. Once that clears (immediately) and after 24 hours, that limit goes to $500 and then to $2500. The transaction processing time is about 4-6 hours before the funds will show in your E-Gift Rewards Balance.