Unredeemed Spending Balance, Average Spend per Month, & E-Gift Rewards Balance

Unredeemed Spending Balance

This is an accumulation of everyone's spend balances. It is essentially saying, if every user were to redeem all of their bucks right now, this is how much would get spent.

Average Spend per Month

This is the average amount of bucks that are spent through the store each month. This average can give you a good idea of how much you need to add to your E-Gift Rewards Balance each month or quarter.

E-Gift Rewards Balance

This is the PRE-FUNDED balance that allows users to redeem through the store. You will need to add funds to this balance via a credit card or bank account before users can redeem gift cards. If your E-Gift Balance is at $100 and a user redeems a $20 Amazon gift card, then your balance will go down to $80. If at any point you cancel your services with us, then you will be refunded back the remainder of this balance.