• Select "Insights" on the top bar of the home page. 
  • Then select 'Recognition' then 'Engagement'
  • Filter by Date, Country, or Department Name by clicking the carrot icon on the top right.  

Application Usage

This will show you who has "logged into" Motivosity in the last 30 & 90 days.  This means they logged in and scrolled, liked, commented, or were in the platform.  

You can click the blue "Invite Everyone Who Hasn't Logged In" button to remind those to login who haven't.  

Appreciation Given

"People Saying Thanks" are those who have given appreciation in Motivosity.

Appreciations Per Person

This shows appreciation per person by department. You can also filter this graph specifically by department or country. 

Appreciations Received

"People Receiving Thanks" is the percentage of the company who are receiving recognition.