Give everyone an appreciation all at once!

This feature allows admins to send a PRIVATE appreciation from the company to each user of the company as shown below. This appreciation will appear in the Receiving reports as 'Adjustments'. NOTE: The only way to undo this action is to manually delete the private appreciations for these users or do a global negative adjustment. See Manage Motivosity Bucks for more info there. So don’t be a Deloris - double-check everything before clicking 'Give Now'.

Giving a Bulk Appreciation to only a certain amount of people!  

Do you have a certain department you'd like to give a bulk appreciation to? Or received a spreadsheet of the people you need to appreciate but it's over 100+ people? No problem! With our 'Upload Spreadsheet' option. You can either download a current template and create a bulk appreciation or upload a spreadsheet with the person (email address), amount, company value, and note you'd like to add.