I received a welcome email to Motivosity... now what? 

  1. The registration link you received will be live for 24 hours.  
  2. Click that link.
  3. Enter and confirm your password.
  4. You will automatically get logged in and get taken through a quick tutorial of the platform.  Huzzah!

What welcome email? Help me! 

  1. Go to app.motivosity.com.
  2. Enter your work email.
  3. Select, "I Need My Password." 
  4. Check your email and you'll be able to configure your password and log in.  Huzzah!

I see "No account exists for [email]"

All account management and user data input are handled by your company's Motivosity administrator. If you are a new hire, typically your administrator will get you into the system after a week or two, so you should be fine to wait for the welcome email to arrive.  

If you have been at work for more than two weeks, or have been at the company for some time and received this message, you will need to contact your MV administrator at your company to help change any information linked with your account. Or find out what your email its using is. This is because our policy is to never change user data, this is up to the customer, in this case, your administrator. You may know who this is off the top of your head. Your manager and peers likely know who it is, but as a last resort, you can also find out by clicking the 'Create new ticket' button in the top right, or by emailing into support@motivosity.com asking to be connected with your admin.