I received a welcome email to Motivosity... now what? 

  1. The registration link you received will be live for 24 hours.  
  2. Click that link.
  3. Enter and confirm your password.
  4. You will automatically get logged in and get taken through a quick tutorial of the platform.  Huzzah!

What welcome email? Help me! 

  1. Go to app.motivosity.com.
  2. Enter your work email.
  3. Select, "I Need My Password." 
  4. Check your email and you'll be able to configure your password and login.  Huzzah!

It says I don't have an email.

The digital age right!?  I bet you have 5+ emails and don't know where to start.  Contact your Motivosity Admin (or HR team to find out who your MV Admin is) and ask them what email they used to register you with.