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Boston Consulting Group did a study and found the one of the top drivers of workplace satisfaction is a sense of community.  What makes Healogics different is that their sense of community is driven by the need to create an exceptional patient experience.  Healogics has over 650 chronic wound care centers around the USA, and according to David Bassin, CEO of Healogics, “Our patients are in pain, are fed up with having a wound, and are seeking relief.  Our employees care about the patient and helping provide the best possible care.  That is what units our distributed workforce.” 

One way Healogics is investing in their employees is by providing data on the impact they are having on patient lives and internally.  “MV has been one of the tools to help us and facilitate that moment.  You can see that in our eNPS which we keep improving  month over month.  Getting a more granular detail is so helpful and we are doing organization and managerial changes based on this data” said Lynn Merrit, CHRO. "There is a lot of data insight that we can be proactive around.  We even have internal competitions to see who can be the #1 giver in a certain timeframe. As a result manager recognition has launched to an all time high.”  David said as a CEO "I feel so much more aware on a micro level of what is happening in our company.  This comes through online recognitions and people reaching out asking me to recognize other people. I then get to spend time learning what others are doing for each other and our patients.”

The Healogics cultural initiative has a few key tenants that augment their key results.  1) Recognition, 2) Giving & Receiving Feedback,  and 3) Story telling. MV has helped provided insight into all of these areas. “We hear stories about patients and what our employees do to put others first… it makes you tear up.  We receive these stories from patient letters, employees witnessing peers, or from their own personal highlights.”  

We love that what companies like Healogics is doing to make a difference in the lives of others, and that MV is the platform to share those stories, and the data to back up the impact.

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