1 on 1's & Priorities

With Motivosity Lead, managers have easy to use tools that help them focus on doing the right things the right way.  These tools are designed to add real value where it matters - between the managers and their teams.

1 on 1s

Consistent and effective communication is a hallmark of a good leader.  When managers and team members have consistent and collaborate 1 on1's both parties become more effective.  With Motivosity managers can now schedule 1-on-1 meetings, plan a shared agenda with team members, define and track priorities, take notes, and collaborate on the activities that get work done.  Click here to learn more.


A coach provides direction between plays, not once per season.  Similarly priorities that are frequently updated by managers and their team members provide ongoing clarity and focus.  Click here to learn more.

Priorities also are updated inside Motivosity Feedback.  The priorities listed in Feedback will show up in 1 on 1's, and in the Priorities tab!

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