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Davies Allen

One day after a long night of surgery, a Physician went to meet with Davies Allen who did his personal accounting.  It was obvious that the Doctor was tired and had a long night.  One of Davies Allen’s employees ran to the gas station, bought a Diet Coke and brought it back for the client.  This employee wasn’t asked to do it, they just saw a need and acted.  The results of this action was Davies Allen created a core value called “Bring the Diet Coke!”

Brad Allen is that Partner & Founder of Davies Allen. He said, “It takes everyone to be successful. We have a very open environment that is approachable and not corporate regimented. We share the workload and make sure no one person is buried in work. It takes trust that others can do it as good as you can, and that is what our culture is founded upon.” Not only do people act at Davies Allen when someone needs a Diet Coke, but their culture of trust includes not having a PTO policy, an innovation day where the entire company (minus key stakeholders) come up with ideas around the employee and client experience. What the team agrees to during innovation days is implemented and in includes fun things like an annual company trip to Hawaii!

“Motivosity helps us maintain our sense of identity. Not only is it a cool platform, but it breaks down walls between our multiple offices and remote workplace. When using Motivosity New hires say, ‘wow, this is how they do it’ and it helps connect us as a team.” Brad also said, “MV fosters the model of team and shows what others are doing. I like others can see rewards and compliments across the spectrum and on multiple teams.”

As an innovative tax firm, we love that MV can be an innovative tool to keep them disrupting the status quo and stay united!

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