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Guadalupe Credit Union

Guadalupe Credit Union is on a mission to provide financial empowerment to their members and employees.  One of the things they do internally is a "Cultivate Your Cash" financial wellness program.  Employees have the opportunity to sit down with a financial coach to improve their personal financial security.  Guadalupe even has prizes for those who can most improve their credit score, lower their personal debt, and more!

Guadalupe Credit Union is a multi year best company to work for, this year we was named the #1 best company to work for in the Large employer category!  Winona Nava the CEO said, "With seven branches we still have a monthly all staff meeting.  I talk a lot about being one team.  Motivosity helps give an easy way to recognize people in other departments."

83% of Guadalupe Credit Union employees are highly engaged, with over 95% of employees receiving regular appreciation.  Being united in a mission, frequent face to face meetings, and regular giving has helped with retention, engagement, and cultural morale.

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