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Elena Bakker - QuantumMark

QuantumMark has a culture that is small but mighty!  When you focus on being small and mighty you get some fantastic results.  Some of the results QuantumMark has noticed is a sense of family among a small tight knit crew.  Elena Bakker Pierre-Louis is the VP of Marketing at Strategy at QuantumMark and she said, "We focus on individuality.  What each person brings and wants to learn, we care about helping people grow.  Each personality, need, strength, helps us compliment and support each other and our clients."

Some business struggle finding the balance of "old school" and "new school" methods.  "Motivosity is our new school technology that us feel like we are in the office, even when we are traveling or remote.  I get to see what is not just happening in my world, but my colleagues world as well."  This helps reinforce the mighty culture of QuatumMark.

Elena shared a story about a colleague, "One colleague helped me with blogs/content and to her it was a small task, but to me it was a massive weight off of my shoulders.  I thanked her in MV, and she then emails me saying how much that means to her.  Her email furthered my sense of community and it all started with one small appreciation." 

If you want to create a small but might culture, one appreciation at a time... hit us up and we'd love to tell you more about QuantumMark and how they have leveraged MV.

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