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Alex Shootman - Workfront

In 2016 Workfront CEO, Alex Shootman was backstage at their annual customer conference talking to keynote Pat Lencioni.  Alex and Pat talked about business, family, and made several personal connections.  Pat invited Alex out to his office to talk another time.  When Alex went to Pat's HQ they started talking about company values and the process to define your values.  Here is the result.

Alex gathered his leadership team and asked them each to write down a list of 5 people who have Workfront as part of their DNA and exemplify who the business is.  They shared the names of people one by one and realized they were from all parts of the business and varying levels.

They then talked about what the personal beliefs of those people and what visible behavior they see from those people.  That process lead Workfront to creating 4 values.  After the values were defined, they talked about the behaviors that support those values.  "Motivosity has helped us correlate a behavior to each recognition we see in others.  MV is a town square in which our people can thank each other for demonstrating the values of the company."

We love clients like Workfront who put so much emphasis on values and people.  Recently one of the people brought up during the values exercise at Workfront passed away.  In memory of that person, they renamed a conference room after them.  That is a sign of a company who obsesses over people, values, and behaviors.

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