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Scavenger Hunt

Want to get to know your company better and have some fun at the same time... introducing the Motivosity Scavenger Hunt.

Come up with a list of things you'd like for people to find.  This list could include some of the following (but let your creative ideas flow):

  • Find three people who have Pickleball listed as an interest group.
  • Who is someone that has a family picture displayed on their profile?  How many kids do they have? What are their names?
  • Who was an ammeter pole vaulter? 
  • Can you find someone who has the same personality type as you?  ENFJ's of the world unite! 
  • Who is the most tenured person in the company?
  • Who processes payroll for the company?
  • Find one person who has received at least five different awards.
  • Share a highlight of your favorite appreciation someone else received.
  • Find an appreciation that you think is specific and meaningful about another person.  Share that appreciation as a highlight.
  • Who was the last employee to have a baby?
  • Who was the last employee to go on vacation?
  • Who was the last person to update their profile? 
  • Find one person who is wearing a blue shirt on their profile pic.
  • How many people have a birthday in December?
  • Send a comment to the next person who has an anniversary on your team.
  • Who is the most recent new hire?

Once the scavenger hunt is done, you can create an award and give that to everyone who completes the scavenger hunt!  

You may also consider having people share a highlight of some of the tasks, so your home feed, blows up with cool things people are learning about others! 

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