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Chris Adams - Park Place Technologies

At Park Place Technologies culture is their formula to success.  They call this formula Park Place Life.  One value they focus on is Work Life Health which focuses on creating an environment where people want to be there.  

Chris Adams, CEO of Park Place said, "I remember when we engaged with Motivosity, we were an early stage growth company with a great culture.  As we have grown we wanted to be equitable among our headquarters and remote teams.  We now have employees in over 25 countries.  While our employees jobs might be different, their individual worth is not.  Motivosity extends the reach to thank people from all angles.  Everyone can show their appreciation for hard work, commitment, and effort."

Park Place has noticed when you create a policy that only some people can utilize it creates the "haves" and "have-nots."  Chris said, "These policies such as telecommuting can ruin your culture.  When everyone is treated with equality it builds a better culture.  When the company is unified, dynamic, growing, and creative, that is the foundation for achieving creating a community."  

The secret to creating a sense of community at Park Place "Is all about saying thank you to people.  If you go above and beyond we show our appreciation.  You can’t just do lip service.  You have to say thanks!"

As a CEO, Chris has noticed Motivosity is less about him.  While CEO's have a lot of means to appreciate people, give gift cards, send them on trips, the average employee doesn't.  "Motivosity is the way for peers to thank each other.  When you get recognized from someone who you didn’t think saw your hard work, it empowers you!"

We love what Park Place Technologies is doing to create a culture of motivated employees, create a sense of community, and focus on work life health.

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