MS Teams Integration

You can now give an appreciation and share a highlight in Microsoft Teams!  That's right, you no longer have to login to Motivosity's web application to shout out Sarah for bringing in those mouth watering doughnuts.  You can do it in your MS Teams account you already have open!

In addition to giving appreciations inside MS Teams, your company can also be made aware of all appreciations through your favorite MS Teams channel.  After configured simply type “@Motivsoity” inside MS Teams and give away!

For all the details on configuration, giving an appreciation in MS Teams, and being notified in MS Teams of all appreciations, please check out this article.

The Integration is something that we are interested in, but having just tested it, we use a different identity provider for Teams and Motivosity making the "View in Motivosity" button URL incorrect if clicked.  It'd be nice to toggle hide/view of it or allow the manual configuration of that URL.

Tony, thank you for your suggestion!  You can share this with our product team by adding the request here.

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