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Customized Awards

One of our clients is in the transportation business.  They had dropped off a special needs person and received a call from the passengers parents asking if they were dropped off or not.  The driver confirmed the passenger was dropped off but wanted to help ensure their safety after the shift.  The driver spent a few hours driving around looking for the passenger and found them 5 miles away from the drop off spot.  This driver went WAY above and beyond spending hours helping a scared family become reunited.  

As such the company created a "Super Hero" award inside Motivosity since this employee was a true super hero!

Next time someone goes above and beyond in your company, create a specific award for them in Motivosity. It can be serious, impressive, specific, and even funny.

One funny award we've seen is the "Noob" award. When someone makes a noob mistake they get the noob award and share a few laughs about not being able to log into Zoom... again.  LOL

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