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Jamie Bowen - Xyngular

It never ceases to amaze us, all of the incredible things happening in the workplace.  Jamie Bowen the Director of Member Services at Xyngular recently blew our minds as she accounted to us what her team is doing to make Personal Emotional Connections or "PEC's."

At Xyngular, they take connecting with people and see the good they do seriously.  They know that being recognized on a consistent basis by peers and managers is extremely motivating.  The message Jaime strives to deliver is "we care, we see you, and we recognize each other."  One example was the story of a call center team member, here is what they said in their own words.

"A few weeks ago I took a call from a leader who I hadn't worked with a ton. When she started talking with me I had misheard her and thought she said her name was Denise. Her name is Mindy so I butchered it and she just went along with it and I called her Denise the entire call. I didn't realize until she called me again with a different issue that I had made that I was calling her the wrong name. I addressed it with her and apologized and we both joked about it. I decided to wow her for being great so I sent her a mug that said "Denise" on the side with some flowers and stuff. She called me today and could hardly even talk because she was laughing so hard."

This is one example of how you can make a PEC and make someones day.  Motivosity is another way to help create these PEC's.  Jamie said, "Motivosity allows us to reach out on a broader scale and recognize the small things.  MV allows me to see the small things and hear those things  that I wouldn’t normally see."  

If you are a manager looking to make a PEC, be sure to follow Jamie's lead and use MV to hear of the amazing stories taking place at your business!

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