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Dave Bales - Image Options

Dave Bales is CEO of Image Options, a company of 180 people located in Orange County South of Los Angeles and San Jose. Since their inception they have driven to create a culture that respects employees and customers alike. Culturally, Image Options was already crushing it, but in 2016 they added @motivosity to their list of onboarding new employee procedures and best practices. At first managers and supervisors were giving appreciations in front of the entire company which helped everyone feel the respect from peers, managers, and ownership. Motivosity recognition expanded this at every level and with more frequency. What resulted in Dave's words, “We saw a tremendous increase in peer to peer appreciation resulting in being more appreciative as group in general.”
Image Options goes beyond recognition, using MV to help with newsworthy highlights, sharing customer comments, insight from their charity events, along with photos from events and installations of projects in the field which are otherwise not seen by internal staff. “Motivosity can be used for so much more than appreciations. The social aspect of Motivosity allows employees to know more about what is going on in our company on a daily basis”, Dave explained.
In 2017 Image Options acquired a company in the Bay Area. MV played an important role in building a blended culture during that period. “MV greatly improved the integration of our teams in getting to know each other from a distance and enabling greater personal connection between new colleagues and departments that interact infrequently.
We love what Image Options is doing to take their culture to new levels and the value they put on culture during the acquisition process. Make sure you follow their lead and have MV on-board to help with your continued growth!

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