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Zions Bank - Chantel Chase and Steve Eyre

As the first Director of the zions bank Business Banking Loan Center (BBLC), Steve Eyre was tasked with forming a leadership team and he quickly added @chantelchase as an Ops Manager.  One of the first points of business was to work on the culture and the ACE Awards were born through Steve & Chantel.  ACE has 4 different acronym’s that embody the values of the BBLC.  

Steve & Chantel rolled out the ACE Awards with a casino night to help set from the get go, these values are not just a fad, but will be around for the long haul.  Each month Zions holds the ACE Awards and gives the winner a certificate, $25 gift card, and coveted parking spot.  With over 400 employees and 250 parking spots, the ACE winner gets the closest spot to the front door… it’s a pretty big deal for those that walk a few blocks to work!  

Before using motivosity, they would receive around 40 ACE nominations per month.  After they launched Motivosity they now have around 400 nominations a month! In addition to automating nominations, Motivosity has automated the $25 prize, and is the platform for centralizing comments about the nominees.  

Steve said, having Motivosity and the data to support the thoughts leaders have about individual performance takes the personal bias out of it, and allows the data to do the talking.  While their previous surveys would take 45 minutes, the 6 question survey of Motivosity gives insight to retention, the enterprise, and thoughts employees have on their managers.  This heightened awareness, coupled with the ratio of promoters and detractors has become a foundation to the BBLC culture.  

Chantel recently was coaching some employees through a few personality conflicts, and the first thing she did was turn to Motivosity.  By seeing the mini Myers-Briggs assessment, she was able to help those employees see their similarities, differences, and how they can tweak their approach with each other.

The BBLC are pretty ACE if you ask us! 

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