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Nancy Malecker - Utah Transit Authority

After 23 years working at Utah Transit Authority, Nancy Malecker is retiring as the Head of Total Rewards! UTA has been a user since 2018. Historically UTA would give out an annual "bonus" for those involved in the culture. The problem is the employees didn't know how the bonus was calculated, the amount was not connected to any values, and Nancy would receive a ton of calls complaining about the subjectiveness. When Nancy heard the program would be discontinued, she was thrilled... little did she know, she would be tasked to find a new system to help with employee engagement. Survey results showed the #1 item employees wanted was recognition for their work & accomplishments. When she found @motivosity she was surprised at how easy the platform was to use and said, "I'm no technology expert by any means, if I can use it, anyone can!" She loved that it wasn't a top down giving approach, how easy it was to implement, and most of all, how the amount of complaints she received has all but been eliminated. In less than one year they already have a 93% participation rate, with 100% of employees regularly receiving appreciation. hashtag#ThanksMatters hashtag#PeopleofMotivosity

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