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Motivosity and Slack

Motivosity offers an integration with Slack. The reason for this integration is simple: Slack users do much of their communicating in the tool and recognizing someone from within the Slack application is a natural flow.

To enable slack for your team, go to Integrations under your Setup Page.

You should see a number of different things you can integrate with - go ahead and click on Slack.

You will now see an 'Add to Slack' button that will hand you off to Slack to finish the setup.

Next, you'll want to authorize usage and select a chat group where Motivosity appreciations will appear. (Example: #general)

Once authorization is complete, mv-slack will be available to your team. What this means is that team members can give recognition by typing '/mv' and hitting enter or '/mv Person's Name' and hitting enter.

After you have hit enter, you should see a pop up that looks like the image below, allowing you to send out appreciations in a similar format to the main app, but with the convenience of not leaving slack.

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