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Lawanna Saxon - Signature Bank of Georgia

As a boutique bank, Signature Bank of Georgia is helping entrepreneurs have a personal relationship with their banker. With a focus on quality over quantity, Signature Bank of GA is introducing technology that fosters innovation, streamlines processes, and is self sufficient. Lawanna Saxon is the Managing Director of Marketing and Client Experience and a massive fan of Motivosity and has been a Motivosity user since 2016. “When talking to job seekers about our growth culture, one of the first things to come up as a key differentiator is using Motivosity." In the 3 years Lawanna has been with the company, Motivosity has been the one product people have adopted the quickest. “Motivosity allows employees to recognize in a standard way, and it isn’t a popularity contest. It is big selling point with prospective and current employees.” Internally, the bank created a Growth Mindset Idea Award. For a month long the allowed employees to submit ideas on how to either “save money” or “make money.” After nominations were reviewed, the top winner received $50. This program was administered through Motivosity.

Signature Bank of Georgia also uses Motivosity and external giving with their members. When a new client signs up with the bank, they can send them a gift card via Motivosity to welcome them. When they have a customer service issue, they thank the member for their patience by sending them a gift card through Motivosity. "Don’t overcomplicate the award, allow the person to get whatever they value. It might be money for Amazon, an iPad or tickets to a Braves game.” If you are a growth mindset organization, you’ll love Signature Bank of Georgia as much as we do! We’d also love to show you how Motivosity can help scale your culture as well!

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